Specific Benefits in Using Our Products


Key Benefits

  • Highly suitable for improving the vegetative growth by triggering the tiller production, leaf size expansion, tiller girth, panicle emergence, expansion, flowering, capsule size, seed filling and green colour.
  • Produces lustorous green colored leaves ultimately results in high photosynthetic efficiency.
  • Stimulates the new finer active rootsformation and development ultimately helpful in better nutrientuptake by cardamom plants.
  • Improves stress tolerance for cardamom plants.


Key Benefits

  • Enhances early and more number of bud break.
  • Enhances shoot intensity and pluck weight.
  • Ensures better bush health, productivity and quality of made tea.
  • Corresponding installment of MgSO4 + ZnSO4 sprays (Micro Nutrient Sprays) can be skipped.
  • Stimulation of dormant buds and reduction of banji shoot formation.
  • Restricts loss of NPK nutrients through leaching and reduces volatillzation of N.
  • Reduces the bulk NPK requirement by 35 percent.


Key Benefits

  • Highly suitable for improving the vegetative growth in terms of leaf size, shoot length, uniform berry growth and development and berry size and filling.
  • Ensures freshness of the plants with the high photosynthetic effeciency.
  • Maintains luxuriant green foliage.
  • Specially made for stimulation of reproductive growth viz., flowering and fruit set of plants.
  • Stimulates the new shoots and new roots formation and development ultemately helpful in better nutrient uptake by the coffee plants.